Established enterprises have a tough time moving to the cloud. Startups have it easy - they are born agile with an automation culture and they start with a clean slate. For established SMEs it's much harder. Heritage systems nurtured in private datacentres (on-prem or colo) can seem hard to move. Skill gaps and cultural baggage add to the inertia. It looks new, scary and complicated.

If you understand that you need to make this move then you are on the right path. We can help you devise and execute your transition strategy. We help you understand the big picture, map your journey, close your skill gaps, evolve your culture, develop your cost model. We won't write your code, move your stacks or re-engineer your business but we can close the gap from knowing what to knowing how.

We deliver insight focussed on the practicalities of transitioning from private datacentres to cloud.

Our videos help you to think for yourself about cloud. Don't expect us to say "you need this technology strategy" - that's really up to you. In our training we will draw your attention to how cloud structures can help meet objectives. We explain the advantages of cloud-native but if you prefer to lift and shift your VMs that's your call. In that case our segments on how sequencing moves will help you.